App Store Access

Access to the major OS App Stores is blocked by default. This is because 1) undesirable content can be found in them and 2) we are unable to prune it out due to the strict security measures in place on those platforms.

Enable Access

To enable access to the App Store on the plaform of your choice:

  1. Click on the Network Access button in the left menu bar. This will take you to the Network Access Dashboard.
  2. Next, click on App Stores. Here, you select the platform (or All platforms).
  3. For this how-to guide illustration, we will select Windows App Store. This displays the WindowsAppStoreAccess Policy Group (link!).
  4. To enable access, click the Add Device Group button under the Device Groups tab (selected by default).
  5. A popup will appear prompting you to select the:

    • Company (if not pre-selected)
    • Device Group (alldevices for every device in your company, or a Device Group [link!] for only specific devices)
    • Required Yes/No (Yes mandates the Accountability permission level [link!] to edit/disable)
    • Duration: How long to enable it (1-12 hours, or -1 to enable it permanently).
  6. Click Save, and the filter engine will load the new setting to allow the App Store Access on the Windows platform for the duration selected.