Media Room

Visual Media of all kinds, training / entertainment / news / support, is hosted on services like Youtube and Vimeo. Many network administrators want to block such sites, or report extensively on activity.

The Media Room enables media hosting sites to be blocked, but still enable the user to view media that is classified in "allow" Categories.

How Classifying Works

When the user enters a media URL, the Log Cabin Console performs the following steps:

  1. Makes an API call to the hosting service, and retrieves the text content of that media file - Title / Keywords / Description.
  2. Passed the text to Redwood for classification.
  3. Saves the resulting Categories scores to the Media file.

If the main Category action is "allow", the user will be able to play the video.

(The Media Classifer does not perform object detection or computer vision analysis of the media file.)

Classifier Circuit Breakers

The top-scoring "allow" category will be overriden if:

  1. Any Boulder-rated Category is found, regardless of score.
  2. An unwanted "stop word" is found in the text.


Media Views are reported on in the Media View section of Report Templates.

Also, the hamburger menu in the breadcrumbs bar on each Media Detail page has a "Media views by User", which jumps to a listing of all the users who viewed the Media title.