Action Groups

The filter engine classifies requests and responses into categories. The Action applied to a Category determines whether or not the page will load for the user when requests are scored in that category.

Familiarize yourself with the list of available Categories and their associated Default Actions. On the Category Detail page, the action listed under Action is the default system action for that category.

Action Groups enable the default action to be overriden. Action Groups will only take effect when activated with an Access Policy.

NOTE: Action Groups should ONLY be used to deviate from the default settings. So if a category is block by default on the system, adding it to the action list as blocked is redundant.


An Action Group may consist of multiple categories, so keep your overall configuration as streamlined as possible by adding multiple categories into a single Access Policy.

To revert a Category to its default system action, open the detail page of the Action Group in question. Delete the category from the list of categories displayed on the Action Group detail page.