Local Devices

Local Devices are any device on the local network with a LAN IP, including the servers, workstations, laptops, printers, phones and tablets.

Values are automatically populated from the Glade Network Monitor, based on:

The Log Cabin console attempts to keep the LocalDevice details in sync with information provided from the Glade Network Monitor whenever possible.

If the network contains switches that have proxy-arp enabled, it may be more difficult to disambiguate between the various devices. When the network contains daisy-chained routers, it will be almost impossible!

For most reliable Local Device maintenance, the #1 best thing to do is ensure a flat network with no daisy-chained routers or wifi access points performing NATing.


The report engine checks uses the hostname of local devices for more meaningful reporting, so make sure that the hostname is descriptive.

If a LAN IP uses has filter log activity, but is not found is not included in this list, the report will only display the IP address.

If the device activity should not appear in reports, set Reportable to No. (Note: this field requires Accountability permissions.)