People can be related to multiple Companies and Accountability Policies. See Overview and Record Model for further details.


Access Permissions are assigned to People based on membership in System Groups.

  1. Reseller: The broadest user; has access to all records and administrative permissions to entire system.
  2. System Owner: Has access to all records on the system and most administrative permissions.
  3. Accountability: Has administrative permissions to Companies and ACLs assigned to the relevant Accountability Policy.
  4. Company Owner: Has administrative permissions only to the related Company.
  5. Autofix User: Can run Autofix review on blocked pages.
  6. Overblock User: Can submit blocked pages for Human Review.
  7. Report Viewer: Can login to console only to view Report Archives of the related Company. No other administrative permissions are included.
  8. Media Viewer: Can add and view new Classified Media to Media Room.