Accountability Policies

In addition to Companies, Accountability Policies are important records of the Log Cabin console, providing record isolation.

Accountability Policies are optional, and are useful when the a company is required to abide by designated settings that normal Company Staff may not change.

These settings include:

  1. Autofix Settings
  2. Report Schedules / Frequency
  3. Report Layouts
  4. Category Rating Profiles

Supersede Company Settings

If True, preferences established by this Policy cannot be overriden or edited by the company to which they apply.

Report requirements

Ensure that all Report Presets attached to this Accountability Policy are auto-created on all companies attached to this Accountability Policy.

Send Logs

Send logs to central server for further processing.

Autofix Settings

An autofix option can be used when a site is blocked. The autofix engine examines the logs of the block incident and calculates which level most likely describes the block incident. If a site is scored outside the lowest allowed level, the site remains blocked.


The Policy can disable autofixes on any pages blocked by a specified list of Categories. The settings here take precedence over the Company settings.

One Way Valve

In summary, when an Accountability Policy is assigned to a Company, the Company Owner can make his settings more restrictive but not less restrictive than the Accountability Policy requires.