Block Page Override Preferences


When a page is blocked, the user has two possible options to select.

  1. Run Autofix Analysis
  2. Get Human Review

The user must have the required permission groups assigned to perform either of these operations.

Human Review

When a page is submitted for Human Review, a Care Center ticket is created, forwarding the filter rules and page details. In approximately 24 hours, a classifier technician will examine the ticket and determine how to reclassify / resolve the ticket.

By default, any user who has the required permission group assigned can submit blocked pages from any category.

Autofix Analysis

When a page is submitted for Autofix Analysis, the Log Cabin Console engine evaluates the page details as well as the Redwood Filter Engine rules, to mathematically calculate how likely the category score is correct.

The Autofix Analysis will return one of 3 possible tiers:

Per Category Permissions

Preferences can be defined on Company & Policy levels to Block or Allow Autofix Analysis by Category.

This provides a kind of "circuit-breaker" which overrides the Level-based action that would have applied otherwise.

For example, the Autofix Analysis engine will grade pages blocked Hunting and Fishing as Level 1 or Level 2, but never as Level 3.

The Company or Policy admin can keep Level 1 and Level 2 enabled, but block Autofixing on Hunting and Fishing by going to the Autofix Settings Preference, choosing the Always Block Categories preference and creating a block entry for the Hunting and Fishing category.