Console Record Sync

The Log Cabin Console supports basic record synchronization between a Publisher (central) server
and Subscriber (remote) server for multi-location deployments.

This is NOT full database sync, as some records will not be relevant to the Publisher and Subscriber. Rather, individual records matching per database table scopes will be synchronized.

Sync batches are always initiated by the Subscriber.

Sync Setup

Sync Roles

All Consoles are either Publisher or Subscriber. The setting is made during the Setup Wizard.

Table Scopes

  1. Selected Records - the most basic scope, applying to manually selected records.
  2. Company-linked Records - Applies to all records in a table where the Company is defined in both the Publisher and Subscriber
  3. Policy-linked Records - Applies to all records in a table where the Policy is defined in both the Publisher and Subscriber
  4. System-linked Records - Applies to Companies related to an Appliance Company

Sync Modes

  1. One Way - Pull from Server
  2. Two Way - Push and Pull from Server

As mentioned, above, sync batches initiated by the Subscriber only. For One Way mode, all local changes will be overridden by record changes pulled in from the Publisher. However, local changes will remain in effect until a change on the Publisher is more recent than the local change.

In Two Way mode, the Subscriber keeps track of all Stale Records, where a local record has been modified since the last Sync Batch occurred. A sync batch performs its operations on the following order:

  1. Records deleted on the Publisher are deleted on the Subscriber
  2. Local changes on the Subscriber are written to the Publisher (two way mode only)
  3. All record modifications sync the last Sync Batch are pulled from the Publisher

Sync Batches

Sync Batches are groups of database tables that will be synchronized according the the Scopes and Modes described above. The tables are synced in sequence for efficiency, where tables containing parent records are synced first, and tables with dependent records are synced last.

Synced Records

Subscriber consoles keep track of records via the Synced Records model. Synced Records are grouped as:

  1. Synced Records - tracks records fully synchronized with Publisher.
  2. Stale Records - tracks records with local writes sync last sync (two way).
  3. Sync Errors - tracks records that failed to sync with Publisher.
  4. Deleted Records - tracks records that have been deleted from the database.