Accounts Overview

The Log Cabin Console is a single database, multi-tenant application. Thus, multiple companies can exist on the same machine, while company-specific records are isolated from all other companies.

Database records have a Company and/or Accountability Policy field which provides this record isolation at the query level.

Record permissions are also calculated per-record, for a double layer of record isolation.

Record Relationships

All People must be assigned to one or more Companies or Accountability Policies.

Accountability Policy Relationships

Any person related to an Accountability Policy becomes an Accountability Contact, and is further related to all Companies assigned to the same Accountability Policy.

Accountability Contacts and have admin permissions to all Companies that are members of that Policy.

Also they have admin permissions to all ACLs and Report settings that are managed by the Accountability Policy.

Company Relationships

Companies have various relationship types. Console Group Permissions are assigned based on the relationship type.

  1. Company Owner - The primary contact person for the Company. All companies must have an Owner!
  2. Company Associate - Secondary contact person when Company has mutiple owners. Same Group Permissions as Company Owner.
  3. Tech Support - Person outside the company who provides technical support services. Same Group Permissions as Company Owner.
  4. General Contact - Person outside the company with some relationship thereto. Typically only to receive usage reports.
  5. Remote Device - Assigned by creating Remote Device. Used to authenticate devices outside the Company LAN.

Policy-managed Companies

Companies may optionally be assigned to Accountability Policies. When this is done, the permissions available to the Company Owner are reduced. The Company Owner can not remove any reports or ACLs that are managed by the Accountability Policy.

The Company Owner cannot Allow categories that are blocked by default. He can make his settings more restrictive but not less so.


The behavior of the Filter Console, Media Room and Block Page Overrides can be customized by Preferences.

Preferences are defined by both Company and Accountability Policy.


Policy Preferences supersede Company Preferences when the Policy is more restrictive than the Company.

When the Company Preference is more restrictive than the Policy, then the Company supersedes.